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A Conversation With/5 Questions

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5 questions with Jim Holt

Jim Holt is a lawyer, a soldier and the top executive of one of the city’s largest credit unions.

A conversation with Cathy McClain

In her career, Cathy McClain has flown aerial refueling tankers, served as a wing commander at McConnell Air Force Base and worked at the Pentagon.

5 questions with Cathy Erickson

When Christmas approaches, Cathy Erickson adds yet another hat – as one of Santa’s helpers.

5 questions with Jeff Willett

Jeff Willett has been interested in health for as long as he can remember.

A Conversation with Nick Adams

For Nick Adams, health care marketing is personal.

5 questions with Pat Gallagher

It’s fair to say that if it weren’t for blind ads in the newspaper, Pat Gallagher would not have the career that she does.

A conversation with Andrea Scarpelli

It was October 2010 when federal regulators shut down Security Savings Bank, and almost simultaneously sold the Olathe-based bank and its branches to Simmons First National Bank.

5 questions with Jason White

When Jason White returned to Wichita after playing professional baseball for four years, he decided to join the aviation industry.

A conversation with DeeAnne Fahnestock

DeeAnne Fahnestock didn’t grow up dreaming of a career.

A conversation with Rhonda Fullerton

As Cessna Aircraft’s director of promotions, Rhonda Fullerton and her team work on customer functions, trade shows, product tours and other events around the globe.

Five questions with Doug Davis

Doug Davis is seeing more ups than downs in the Kansas oil patch, despite the withdrawal of some major exploration companies.

A conversation with Francisco Vazquez

For Francisco Vazquez – who started as the new director at the Robert J. Dole Veterans Affairs Medical Center last week – working with veterans is more than a job.

A conversation with Kirk Ring

Kirk Ring thinks a lot about family, especially when there’s money involved.

5 questions with Barney Byard

Barney Byard has a lot of change in his life just now.

5 questions with Ed Hackett

Ed Hackett is program director for a small military jet, the Scorpion, designed from scratch and built in secret over the past two years at Cessna’s plant on Pawnee.

A conversation with Jim Clifton

Gallup is not the only research organization Jim Clifton has ever led.

A conversation with Lionel Alford

Lionel Alford is the lead test pilot for Beechcraft’s new AT-6 light attack aircraft. He’s also an aerospace design engineer, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, a consultant and a published author of novels.

5 questions with Karen Vines

Karen Vines says she didn’t grow up thinking she’d be in the insurance field.

A conversation with Jon Rosell

Jon Rosell, executive director of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County, says he has the best job in town.

A conversation with Delton Sandefer

Delton Sandefer can both clean out a boiler and sing grand opera.

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