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A Conversation With/5 Questions

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A conversation with Brian Heinrichs

Brian Heinrichs has forged a career in finance that took him from Wichita to Chicago, New York and Kansas City.

5 questions with Paul Jackson

The SunStone Apartment Homes in Andover are still under construction, but some units are ready and are being leased.

A conversation with Darrell Youngman

Darrell Youngman isn’t a love doctor – but he does know how the heart works.

5 questions with James Havers-Strong

It’s fitting that Aviation Business International operates in the site that once housed Travel Air Manufacturing Co., the 1925 planemaker started by Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna and Lloyd Stearman.

A conversation with Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez didn’t know he wanted a glamorous career as a high-tech entrepreneur, but that’s what he got.

5 questions with Abel Perez

Abel Perez has been helping local businesses connect with Hispanic residents for years.

A conversation with … Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens thinks Wichita has come a long way in developing its own technology development scene.

A conversation with Trent Banister

Douglass native Trent Banister was a mere 17-year-old when he left home for Wichita and a real estate career he wasn’t sure would be right for him.

5 questions with Fe Vorderlandwehr

For Fe Vorderlandwehr, things have come full circle.

A conversation with Allan McArtor, new CEO of Airbus Group

As a child, Allan McArtor, chairman of Airbus Americas, built model airplanes in his father’s workshop.

5 questions with Jan Harrison

Volunteering has always been part of Jan Harrison’s 35-year radio career, but last year the KFXJ, 104.5-FM, morning co-host found herself leading a citywide campaign to change the name of the airport.

A conversation with Hale Ritchie

Hale Ritchie, former CEO of the Ritchie Corp., started in his family’s company driving concrete trucks during summers in high school.

A conversation with Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor, founder of Executive AirShare, a regional fractional ownership company, fell in love with aviation in the midst of a long career in finance.

5 questions with Ron Groves

The holidays are huge for any liquor store, and Ron Groves hopes people can find his new location.

A conversation with … Carolyn Gaughan

During Carolyn Gaughan’s 25 years as executive director for the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians, membership has more than doubled to over 1,000 active members.

5 questions with Valerie Creswell

When Valerie Creswell isn’t globetrotting, you’ll find her at Wesley Medical Center, where she serves as the hospital’s infectious-disease medical director.

A conversation with … Mark Eaton

Wichita native Mark Eaton was in the carpentry business when a major storm hit Wichita in 1992 and a friend called him.

5 questions with Jim Petty

Jim Petty may now be known as the executive director of BlackTop Nationals, but he’s had a role that he’s been better known for going on almost 30 years: Santa Claus.

A conversation with Dwyn Thudium

Dwyn Thudium was installed last week as the 2014 president of the Wichita Area Association of Realtors.

A conversation with Steve Jacob and Ryan Speer

To non-farmers, the way a farm field is tilled may seem like a technicality. To farmers, it’s a huge deal.

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