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BBB explains common benefits of using credit unions

Nov. 5 at 12:08 a.m.

Consumers who are feeling the chilly winds of current economic conditions need to know they have options when it comes to financial institutions. One such institution, which almost everyone has heard of, is the credit union.

  • Eateries sign on for healthier kid meals

    ORLANDO, Fla. —Children's meals at Red Lobster, Olive Garden and other chains owned by Orlando-based Darden Restaurants are getting healthier.

  • Taking vacation? These tips may help create a fun, stress-free time

    Summer is upon us and for many people that means taking a vacation.

  • BBB: Guard against bed bugs to exterminate scams

    The alarming increase in bed bug infestations enables some self-proclaimed pest control professionals the opportunity to go into homes — not to solve your bed bug issue but to take your money.

  • Efforts at home can cut utility expenses

    Devvi Walter knows that living in a more energy-efficient home has drastically cut her electric bill in the heat of the summer.

  • Ice cream trucks not music to all ears

    There are two basic reactions to the tinny, distorted version of "Turkey in the Straw" that carries across Wichita neighborhoods this time of year:

  • Profits continue as arena enters a less-busy season

    In its first year, Intrust Bank Arena continues to make a profit — $1.24 million through April.

  • Lexie's Law tightens regulation of day care providers

    Every day, parents shopping for day care call the Child Start office in Wichita. And just about every day, Clairissa Maddy has to explain that thousands of child care homes in Kansas — about one in three — operate without ever being inspected.

  • Some moms just want time, help and a hug

    Flowers are sweet, and jewelry is beautiful. New clothes are thoughtful and a stand mixer practical. A new iPad would be marvelous.

  • Home Show booth set up to explain lead law

    A booth at the Wichita Home Show designed to educate do-it-yourself remodelers on the dangers of lead may get substantial traffic from professionals who are curious — or furious — about impending regulations.

  • Used-car database doesn't include Kansas

    A national database that allows consumers to view the history of used vehicles is up and running, but officials say four states — including Kansas — are not contributing records to the system.

  • New lead regulations may raise home remodeling costs

    The price of remodeling homes is about to go up — way up, some contractors say — because of new regulations aimed at protecting homeowners from lead-based paint.

  • Price of gold sends owners digging

    In Wichita and across the nation, the high price of gold is bringing items out of jewelry boxes and into businesses eager to buy a metal that has become extra precious in a troubled economy.

  • Disc fever

    CAROL STREAM, Ill. —The Netflix warehouse in Carol Stream does not appear on any map. Your odds of finding it are only slightly better than your odds of stumbling upon a rare insect in a field of weeds. The warehouse is, after all, one of those mythical New Economy temples. You know it must exist somewhere, because a P.O. box on every Netflix envelope suggests it does. You imagine this place processing your Netflix queue with magical efficiency, possibly with Oompa Loompas in matching jumpsuits of Netflix red dancing about.

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