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BTK Archive

BTK investigators honored by lawmakers

March 27 at 4:58 p.m.

— More than 120 lawmakers today gave a standing ovation to detectives, forensic specialists and beat officers who helped track down BTK serial killer Dennis Rader.

  • Four boys who grew up to catch a monster

    It has been one year since the cops caught the BTK monster and put an end to his deeds.

  • Eagle wins award for coverage of BTK

    The Wichita Eagle's coverage last year of the BTK case — from Dennis Rader's arrest through his incarceration in the El Dorado Correctional Facility — has been honored with a top news enterprise award given at the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas.

  • What's in BTK boxes?

    While he was in the Sedgwick County Jail, BTK serial killer Dennis Rader filled three boxes with personal items. Now two lawyers representing the families of his victims know what's inside.

  • Past Rader employee claims bias

    A woman's gender discrimination lawsuit says she felt threatened by her boss — Dennis Rader — months before the world knew him as a serial killer.

  • Kansas City Star corrects Rader minister story

    The Kansas City Star, in a story that appeared for a time Monday on The Eagle's Web site, incorrectly reported Monday that Wichita Pastor Michael G. Clark had asked Sedgwick County's sheriff or state officials for permission to perform an exorcism on BTK killer Dennis Rader.

  • Rader access disturbs D.A.

    Sedgwick County prosecutors voiced serious objections Friday to a prison life for serial killer Dennis Rader that isn't as restrictive as a judge recommended.

  • Retrieval of BTK letters proving tough

    A Topeka woman who corresponded with BTK serial killer Dennis Rader while he was in the Sedgwick County Jail has a right to get her letters back from the Sedgwick County prosecutors who subpoenaed them, a judge ruled Friday.

  • Rader lookalike hopes for a role

    A day after Wichita police announced that they had made an arrest in the BTK serial murder case, Robert Fawcett's phone began to ring.

  • Papers to limit Rader not filed

    More than two months after a judge recommended that serial killer Dennis Rader have strict limits on what he can read, write and see in prison, corrections officials have yet to formally consider them — let alone implement them.

  • Auditions being held for British BTK documentary

    The Wichita Community Theatre is auditioning actors this weekend for dramatic portrayals in a documentary on the BTK serial killer.

  • Judge: Rader's jail memos fair game

    A judge cleared the way Friday for a lawyer to see documents sent and received by serial killer Dennis Rader while he was in jail.

  • No felons in military cemeteries, Senate says

    The U.S. Senate on Tuesday passed a bill that would prevent those convicted of capital murder from being buried in military cemeteries.

  • BTK investigator is honored once again

    It's turning out to be a year of awards for the man who led the successful BTK serial murder investigation over the past year.

  • Prison urged to limit Rader's contact

    Under a judge's recommendations Wednesday, Dennis Rader could not sit in prison and draw a woman in bondage or read an article about his 10 murders.

  • Top BTK investigator receives award

    Lt. Ken Landwehr, who headed the BTK strangler investigation, was named officer of the year Wednesday by the Wichita Police Department.

  • BTK film gets little reaction from city

    If lots of Wichitans were watching CBS' BTK movie Sunday night, you'd never be able prove it.

  • Hearing: Will Rader get media?

    Prosecutors are expected to argue at a Wednesday hearing that BTK serial killer Dennis Rader should be denied materials he could use in prison to feed his sexual fantasies.

  • Like it or not, killer part of pop culture

    Wonder how many Wichitans will tune in tonight for "The Hunt for the BTK Killer," the CBS movie filmed in Canada about Wichita's worst serial killer.

  • BTK on TV: 'A study of evil'

    Why would any actor want to portray such a pathetic figure as Wichita's notorious BTK killer? For Gregg Henry, who plays Dennis Rader in tonight's "The Hunt for the BTK Killer," BTK became a fascinating enigma.

  • Senate bill would bar military burial for Rader

    Sens. Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts, both R-Kansas, introduced a bill Monday to prohibit anyone convicted of a capital offense, including convicted BTK serial killer Dennis Rader, from being buried in a national cemetery.

  • Rader's term length open to question -- in 85 years

    When Dennis Rader was sentenced to 10 consecutive life terms in prison last month, he instantly joined the ranks of a handful of Kansas prison inmates serving longer-than-life sentences.

  • Now a guard at El Dorado, woman was nearly a victim of the serial killer

    In 1977, 17-year-old Karin Clark had a favorite hangout, a humble house at 1243 S. Hydraulic. She baby-sat there. And she got to party there with her older sister and anyone who walked freely through the door. What she didn't know is that a serial killer was watching.

  • CBS picks cast for its BTK movie

    Oscar nominee Robert Forster is set to play a detective leading Wichita's 31-year manhunt in a CBS movie tentatively titled "The Hunt for the BTK Killer."

  • BTK is silenced; now life goes on

    Students are going back to school. Families are finalizing Labor Day plans. Coming up are the Kansas State Fair, the Winfield Bluegrass Festival and Thanksgiving feasts — life as it should be.

  • Rader handed over to El Dorado prison

    Sedgwick County Sheriff Gary Steed was content to pass the journey chatting with the deputies in the maroon sedan, but the manacled man sitting next to him in the back seat kept interjecting into the conversation.

  • Everywhere, curious pause to watch, listen

    As he ferried an out-of-state traveler downtown Wednesday, taxi driver Bill Wright let his customer know he was visiting "the focal point of the country."

  • Investigators tell of grisly crimes, Rader's delight

    Editor's Note: This story contains graphic material and may not be suitable for all readers.

  • Rader's evil for all to see

    Dennis Rader teased, taunted and tormented Wichita through local news outlets, eventually committing the final mistake that ensnared him after three decades. Now, the notorious BTK serial killer's deeds will be displayed in graphic detail through live coverage on radio, television and the Internet as prosecutors ask for the harshest sentence the law allows.

  • Rader's pastor finds his way through uncharted territory

    The Rev. Michael Clark had never even set foot inside a jail before February.

  • Rader used Scouts as a ruse in final murder, captain says

    District Judge Greg Waller interrupted Sedgwick County sheriff's Capt. Sam Houston in the middle of his testimony at 4:45 p.m. today to recess the first day of BTK sentencing until tomorrow morning.

  • Rader, DA get chances to persuade

    The most notorious criminal in recent Kansas history will probably learn his punishment this week.

  • Stations brace for BTK hearings

    Television stations this week will carry the sentencing hearing for Dennis Rader, including all but the most graphic details and language.

  • DA to reveal graphic details in BTK case

    Editor's note: The following story includes graphic descriptions of Dennis Rader's BTK killings. Reader discretion is advised.

  • Can he be forgiven?

    Two people who encountered Dennis Rader, the confessed BTK serial killer, see his claim of Christian faith in completely different ways: After Rader's arrest in February, Kristin Casarona, 38, of Topeka, wrote to him "as one person of faith to another." They talked about writing a story about his life, "which would have a Christian message."

  • Officials seething over tape of Rader

    As a two-hour special about BTK aired Friday on national television, dozens of Wichita criminal justice officials were questioning the ethics of a psychologist whose interview with the confessed killer turned out to be the basis for the show.

  • 'Bored,' Rader decided to resurface

    BTK was retired.

  • How did NBC get Rader tape?

    With convicted serial killer Dennis Rader back in the national spotlight tonight in a two-hour primetime special, officials in Wichita will be trying to figure out how a psychologist's interview with a client made its way into the public domain.

  • Transcript of state's motion for discovery

    AUGUST 10, 2005

  • 'Dateline NBC' to air Dennis Rader interview

    Sedgwick County prosecutors went to court today seeking a copy of a videotape of a psychologist's interview with serial killer Dennis Rader. They said part of the interview is scheduled to broadcast this week on national television.

  • Rader asks to be his own lawyer

    Confessed serial killer Dennis Rader will represent himself in a series of wrongful death lawsuits filed against him by several relatives of his 10 murder victims.

  • Raders' divorce granted

    Citing emotional stress, Paula Rader requested and was granted an emergency divorce from the BTK serial killer Tuesday. She had been married to Dennis Rader for 34 years.

  • Surviving Oteros file against Rader

    The surviving family of BTK's first victims have joined the growing list of those filing civil lawsuits against Dennis Rader.

  • Another lawsuit filed against Dennis Rader

    The father of BTK murder victim Kathryn Bright on Thursday joined a growing list of victims' survivors who have sued confessed serial killer Dennis Rader.

  • Nancy Fox's father sues Rader

    The father of BTK murder victim Nancy Fox filed a wrongful death lawsuit Monday against Dennis Rader, bringing to five the number of civil cases pending against the confessed serial killer.

  • BTK relics nab profits on the Net

    A letter from serial killer Dennis Rader sold at auction for $100 on the Internet, and a Texas man who monitors the sale of "murderabilia" said he expects more BTK items to be purchased in coming months.

  • BTK describes his own crimes

    Editor's note:This article contains graphic and disturbing material.

  • Living victim sues Rader

    Kevin Bright, the only person known to have survived an attack by BTK, has filed suit against the man who has admitted to being the serial killer.

  • Police tell details of BTK hunt

    The head of the BTK task force offered details Thursday about the extraordinarily tight-lipped operation.

  • Fund will pay travel costs for families of BTK victims

    Kelli Cochran sees the sentencing of Wichita's notorious serial killer as an opportunity for closure — for the community and the families of his victims.

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