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BTK Archive

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Rader's home is up for auction

What would someone pay for the home of a man accused of one of the worst crime sprees in Kansas history?

Topekan sees Rader differently

Faith led her to Dennis Rader.

State asks for Rader's letters

Prosecutors have demanded television video related to BTK and jailhouse letters between the man accused of being the notorious serial killer and a woman contemplating writing a book about his life.

Rader is prolific letter-writer in jail

BTK serial murder defendant Dennis Rader has received plenty of letters in jail, and he's sent plenty out, much of it poetry, his head lawyer says.

BTK suspect's trial still set, but jury isn't

If Dennis Rader wants a trial by jury, it likely won't begin Monday.

Rader affidavit remains closed

Sedgwick County District Judge Greg Waller on Friday refused to release a document that lays out the reasons why authorities arrested BTK suspect Dennis Rader and charged him with 10 counts of first-degree murder.

Items in shed hint at case against BTK suspect

During a private court hearing related to Dennis Rader's murder case, prosecutors voiced a concern about the chain of custody of evidence recovered from the shed at Rader's Park City home.

State remits BTK papers

The state has turned over thousands of documents on 45 computer discs as part of the sharing of evidence in the Dennis Rader murder case.

Rader's lawyers ask state for details

Public defenders are preparing for a hearingthis morning ontheir detailed request for the state's evidence in the murder case against Dennis Rader.

Families of BTK victims prepare to wait

Charlie Otero has waited 31 years for justice in the killings of his parents and two siblings.

Rader's church finds ways to cope

When people of faith need guidance, they often turn to the Bible for help—Scriptures that help them make sense of the world.


Following is the entire proceeding, as transcribed by court reporter Connie Uphaus. Statements labeled "The Court" were uttered by District Judge Greg Waller:

Rader stands silent

Even if Dennis Rader decides not to take his case to trial, District Attorney Nola Foulston may still get to present evidence to a jury. Rader stood silent Tuesday morning and let Sedgwick County District Judge Greg Waller enter a not-guilty plea on his behalf. But Foulston approached the man accused of being the BTK serial killer and told him the state intends to pursue a Hard 40 prison sentence.

Rader stands mute; not guilty plea entered

Dennis Rader stood mute this morning and allowed Judge Greg Waller to enter a plea of not guilty on his behalf to 10 counts of first-degree murder. Rader, accused of being Wichita's notorious BTK serial killer, was in Sedgwick County District Court for his arraignment. The case now proceeds toward trial.

Lead officer for 1970s killings calls BTK lucky

After BTK murdered four members of the Otero family in 1974, William A. Cornwell spent three days and nights at police headquarters, sleeping fitfully in a chair, sending out for sandwiches, running down every lead. He'd walked through the Otero house, seen the two children, the four bodies.

This witness list compiled by the Sedgwick County district attorney...

This witness list compiled by the Sedgwick County district attorney's office was unsealed Friday. Eagle reporters reorganized the list based on each person's connection to the case:

Who could speak in Rader trial?

What type of witnesses does it take to build a case against a man accused of being a serial killer?

Judge unseals Rader filings

Less than 48 hours after The Eagle and five other news organizations asked a judge to open the court filings in the case of the man accused of being Wichita's BTK serial killer, Judge Greg Waller lifted the seals on almost all of the motions and orders in Dennis Rader's murder case.

Officer shaken by crime scenes

There are 247 names on the alphabetized witness list unsealed by a judge on Friday. The name Joseph R. Thomas is 218th from the top.

Media try to open seals on BTK case

The Wichita Eagle and five other news organizations are asking a judge to open the court files in the case of the man accused of being the city's notorious BTK serial killer.

Openness in Rader case may soon come

The case against Dennis Rader, one of the biggest criminal court proceedings in Kansas history, is unfolding under an unprecedented veil of secrecy.

Lawyer says BTK suspect does not have cancer

A story in the National Enquirer tabloid claiming that BTK suspect Dennis Rader has terminal colon cancer and is refusing treatment is being dismissed by the head of his defense team and his pastor. The story is in the May 2 issue, which hit newsstands Friday.

Storage worries Rader's lawyers

A chunk of the $405,000 approved by the governor to bolster the budget for Dennis Rader's public defenders will go to pay to store the avalanche of evidence that's expected in coming weeks.

Discovery will overwhelm Rader's lawyers

Dennis Rader's defense expects to be overwhelmed by the amount of evidence they will have to wade through in the coming months.

Media blow in for hearing

Satellite trucks ringed the Sedgwick County Courthouse. White canopies sprung up in the courtyard like mushrooms.

Transcript of Tuesday's hearing

The following is the transcript of Tuesday's court proceedings in the Dennis Rader case, made by court reporter Carri Miles:

Defense puts off plea in BTK case

Dennis Rader, accused of being Wichita's notorious BTK serial killer, made an unusual request after waiving his preliminary hearing Tuesday in Sedgwick County District Court: to postpone his plea for 10 days.

Rader hearing draws fierce media interest

E! Entertainment Television is planning to cover Dennis Rader's preliminary hearing today.

What will happen to Rader?

If all goes as anticipated Tuesday, Dennis Rader and the rest of the world will learn why he's accused of being one of the nation's most notorious serial killers.

Sheriff: Rumor about BTK suspect is wrong

Sedgwick County Sheriff Gary Steed today quashed a rumor that Dennis Rader, the man accused of being the serial killer BTK , had tried to kill himself in the Sedgwick County Jail.

Employee: Rader was difficult boss

Mary Capps, a Park City compliance officer who reported to Dennis Rader for six years and four months, says he made her work life miserable.

Still more answers to BTK questions

A reader suggested The Eagle answer questions about the BTK serial killer case and Dennis Rader last month.

BTK book becoming best-seller

"Nightmare in Wichita: The Hunt for the BTK Strangler" is about to land on the New York Times best-seller list, the newspaper confirmed Friday.

More answers to questions on BTK

When The Eagle offered, at the suggestion of a reader, to answer questions about the BTK serial killer case and suspect Dennis Rader, the floodgates opened.

Rader's defense strategy up in air

The most anticipated trial in Wichita's history may never happen.

Robert Beattie's just-released book also says that Dennis Rader applied to be a cop.

A key figure in the BTK serial murder investigation was the target of a death threat that was included in a package the killer left in a UPS box last fall, according to a book about the case that went on sale Friday afternoon.

City, county memos on the BTK case

People who work for the city of Wichita, Park City and Sedgwick County have been instructed by their employers to not discuss the BTK investigation or the court case against suspect Dennis L. Rader.

These three classified ads were published in The Eagle.

These three classified ads were published in The Eagle. The Web address has been deleted because of the site's adult content.


The following statement was released to the media Monday morning after a news conference by Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams about the BTK investigation:

Congregation 'still in shock'

Holding a stuffed animal and bright yellow toy taxicab, Pastor Michael Clark gathered the children of Christ Lutheran Church around him Sunday morning.

Report: BTK suspect confesses to killings

Dennis L. Rader, the man arrested as a suspect in the BTK case, has confessed to some of the killings connected to the serial killer, the Associated Press reported Sunday night.

Sightseers jam Park City

It was a scene not often found in Kansas.

DNA: silent witness

On Sunday, the day after Robert Ressler heard Wichita officials announce in a nationally televised news conference that they had arrested Dennis Rader in connection with 10 BTK killings, he was still struck by one thing.

Rader items hot on eBay auctions

When her dog Shooter's rabies shot expired, Melanie Dovak received a reminder letter from Park City compliance officer Dennis Rader.

BTK suspect's connections to Wichita State hardly come as a surprise

Wichita State students and faculty said Saturday they had long suspected that the BTK serial killer had probably been a student at the university.

BTK suspect's minister reacts in sermon

The following is the sermon delivered Sunday morning by pastor Michael Clark of Christ Lutheran Church, where Dennis L. Rader was a congregation leader:

Remembering the fear, fascination

I'm a Wichita native now living in Las Vegas, a two-time WSU graduate... and an ex-cop. I've been fascinated with this case literally for most of my life.... It appears as if a tragically fascinating chapter in Wichita history has finally been resolved. It's almost anti-climactic to see Dennis Rader's picture. He truly does outwardly appear to be the bossy know-it-all neighbor next door. Even for someone used to the daily weirdness of living in Las Vegas, this is a truly weird break in a bizarre case.

Wichitans let out sigh of relief

Dan Stewart drove to Resthaven Cemetery on Saturday, newspaper in hand.

Police chief elated but weary

Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams sat relaxed in his conference room Saturday, beaming but exhausted after a flurry of police activity that ended in the arrest of a serial killer suspect in a case that baffled police for 31 years.

News stuns church where Rader was leader

The leaders of Christ Lutheran Church struggled Saturday to understand how one of their most steadfast members could be accused of being the serial killer BTK.

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