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Attorney general files lien on BTK-home proceeds

The state attorney general's office has filed a lien on Dennis Rader's Park City home.

Relford joins in suing Rader

Steve Relford has joined the list of victims' families that are suing Dennis Rader for wrongful death.

Rader's house sells for $90,000

In one of the more unusual chapters of the BTK story, serial killer Dennis Rader's small Park City home sold at auction Monday night for $90,000 — $33,000 more than the appraised value.

Rader gave details in letters

Dennis Rader said he wore rubber gloves to keep from leaving fingerprints, and turned up the heat before leaving his crime scenes — apparently so that the bodies would decompose more rapidly, information released Friday by Wichita police shows.

DA is fine with release of arrest details

District Attorney Nola Foulston said the decision to release detailed information about the BTK investigation was made with the realization that the details were not likely to be the focus of Rader's sentencing hearing next month.

Retired police vividly remember their work

Jack Bruce thumbs through a yellowed, wide-lined legal pad and points to notes he jotted in red ink more than 31 years ago. "Tied up" reads one line about halfway down the first page of the legal pad. Then, in homemade columns, the names, ages and genders of Joseph, Julie, Josephine and Joseph II Otero.

After 31 years and 10 deaths pieces fall in place

It was the moment Lt. Ken Landwehr, commander of the BTK task force, had devoted much of his life to making happen:

Police warned victim families about briefings

The call came into Jeff Davis' office in Memphis on Friday afternoon.

Random nature of attacks confirms fears

Since BTK revealed that he chose his victims randomly, people across the Wichita area have had their longtime fears confirmed:

Other BTK investigators keep silent about case

A day after lead BTK investigator Lt. Ken Landwehr released four hours' worth of details about the case to the media, other investigators declined to discuss it in detail.

Lawyers: Suspects can stop questions

Richard Ney entered the Sedgwick County Jail on a Sunday, as he's often done, and asked to speak to his client.


Here is a sampling of what police said during a four-hour briefing Friday night on how they identified and arrested BTK.

News of book prompted BTK to resurface

The retired detective had a warning for Bob Beattie as they discussed the case of the BTK serial killer in May 2003.

Wichita police detail BTK's capture

Dennis Rader was still hunting for victims, and he would have never stopped, the head of the BTK Task Force said Friday night. In an extraordinary four-hour meeting with local reporters at City Hall, Wichita police Lt. Ken Landwehr and other task force members described step-by-step how they caught Wichita's most notorious killer.

Court to hold money made on Rader home

A judge has ordered the proceeds from the Monday auction of Dennis Rader's house in Park City to be deposited with the Sedgwick County District Court clerk.

Did the police use ads to talk to BTK?

A possible BTK communication sent to KAKE, Channel 10, last month suggests that the killer received at least one communication from Wichita police through The Wichita Eagle's classified ads.

Rader ruled out in 1977 slaying

BTK serial killer Dennis Rader has been ruled out as a suspect in an unsolved 1977 homicide in Reno County, Sheriff Randy Henderson said Friday.

Wegerle family sues Rader

Bill Wegerle was falsely accused of the murder of his wife, Vicki, in 1986.

A walk through Rader's house

This is the house where Dennis Rader lived.

More answers to readers' BTK questions

In the past week, readers from the Wichita area and around the country have responded to our appeal for questions about the BTK serial killer case.

Readers still want answers on BTK

Interest in Dennis Rader and the BTK case is so intense that when he pleaded guilty last week, The Eagle's Web site was inundated with visitors looking for information — even while he was still talking to the judge on live TV.

Victim's family files suit against Rader

The daughter of one of the 10 people Dennis Rader has admitted murdering as the serial killer BTK filed a wrongful death lawsuit Friday in Sedgwick County District Court.

Judge lifts mail ban, allows Rader contact with author

Kristen Casarona will be going to visit Dennis Rader again. She just doesn't know when.

Rader left out torture, some notice

Editor's note: This story contains details that may be disturbing to some readers.

Rader's mail ban on docket today

A hearing is set for this afternoon to determine whether Dennis Rader will be allowed to receive mail from journalists and have contact with a Topeka woman who intends to write a book based on their correspondence.

Will BTK files be sealed 'forever'?

The case of admitted serial killer Dennis Rader could yield information that helps police and aids public safety for years to come — if the state of Kansas cooperates.

Agreement reached on BTK request

Admitted BTK serial killer Dennis Rader can now receive mail directly from journalists and have contact with a Topeka woman who's working on the story of his life.

As defense stands down, DA ramps up

The day after Dennis Rader declared his guilt and explained his crimes, his lawyers were still perplexed about what the state had left to prove.

Plea brings no relief to eyewitness

As he sat in the shade Tuesday, sipping a beer, drawing on a cigarette, Steve Relford wore the same grim expression he has shown since he first spoke publicly about his mother's killing at the hands of BTK.

Author: Rader isn't always so cold

Like countless others, Kristin Casarona saw Dennis Rader coldly describe his killings in court Monday. Unlike others, she says she has seen a feeling side to the serial killer who terrorized Wichita.

Women think: Did BTK stalk me?

By his own description, Dennis Rader trolled Wichita's neighborhoods for years as the serial killer BTK, selecting and stalking women before he locked in for a kill.

Rader's court admission heats up Eagle's discussion board

The Eagle's BTK discussion board has been hopping this week as readers discuss Dennis Rader's guilty plea and offer their opinions.

EDITORIAL: What if Rader never went to church?

The quiet animosity of cynics who decry religious influence in America erupted into a growl with the arrest of Dennis Rader, president of Park City's Christ Lutheran Church. After incessant revelations of priests who abuse young parishioners, let alone teachers and Scout leaders, news of BTK's identity shook the earth under those who recall a man they trusted.

Rader's pastor had hoped he would plead guilty

God answered the Rev. Michael Clark's prayers Monday when Dennis Rader admitted he was BTK. Clark was in the second row of Sedgwick County District Judge Greg Waller's courtroom — seat No. 30 — when Rader described his crimes.

Rader's testimony

Editor's note: The following is an Eagle transcript of some of Dennis Rader's court testimony Monday. Some of the content is graphic, and reader discretion is advised.

Media swarm for BTK's plea, comments

Dennis Rader took less than one minute Monday to plead guilty and tell the world he is Wichita's notorious BTK serial killer.

Sexual fantasies can drive killers

When Robert Ressler learned of Dennis Rader's description of how he bound and strangled people while acting out a sexual fantasy, it reminded him of another serial killer: Jeffrey Dahmer.

Judge Waller wins praise for fairness

Everyone watching Monday's hearing in the BTK case learned what many Wichita lawyers already knew: Judge Greg Waller is fair, careful and thorough.

Insanity plea wasn't an option for Rader

The woman who may have been the closest to Dennis Rader the past four months supported his guilty plea Monday.

BTK killer confesses

Dennis Rader dropped his mask Monday.

Sentencing to bring out new details

Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston plans to use Dennis Rader's Aug. 17 sentencing hearing as a platform to lay out — in much more detail than Rader offered in court Monday — how and why he committed 10 murders as the serial killer BTK.

Neighbors in Park City shudder, then move on

"This was just a neighborly type thing. It wasn't anything personal, just a neighbor."
— Dennis Rader, describing his relationship with Marine Hedge, a neighbor he killed in 1985

Wichita State University was not tied to Rader's actions, officials say

Dennis Rader's guilty plea Monday confirmed what many had already assumed — that the BTK serial killer is an alumnus of Wichita State University.

Wichita gets answers, not satisfaction

The courtroom drama everyone wanted to watch had promised much.

Plea won't change Rader's jail routine

Dennis Rader's life in the Sedgwick County Jail won't change just because he has confessed to being the serial killer BTK.

Initial judgment by police proves true in Rader's words

When city and law enforcement officials announced the arrest of Dennis Rader in February, Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams told the world that "BTK is arrested."

Families finally hear disturbing details of killings

For the first time, the families of the people killed by a once-faceless killer heard the terrible details — from BTK himself, Dennis Rader.

Statements from city, state officials on Rader's guilty plea

The following statement was issued Monday afternoon by Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams:

Wichita lawyer sought death penalty for BTK cases

Nearly 28 years later, Steve Joseph can still see himself as a young prosecutor looking through the Otero family crime-scene photos for the first time.

What will BTK suspect do at hearing on Monday?

No one really knows what Dennis Rader will do at 9 a.m. Monday when he walks into Sedgwick County Courtroom 7-1.

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