State hospitals need scrutiny, resources

While the spotlight is on legislators’ quest to balance revenues and expenditures overall, some recesses of the state budget need much more attention and money – the state mental hospitals and the sexual predator treatment program.

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Why lawmakers should leave EITC alone

Some in the Legislature are targeting the earned income tax credit for reduction or elimination – and for the $50 million it costs the state a year. That seems foolish and risky, given that the $50 million counts as part of the match qualifying Kansas for federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families funding of about $102 million a year.

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Washington farmers are dumping unprofitable apples

Nearly $100 million worth of apples that cannot be sold have been dumped into fields across central Washington, the nation’s most productive apple region. The apples are being left to rot and compost in the hot sun, an unusual occurrence for an industry that has found ways to market ever-growing crops.


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