How to prevent tick-borne illnesses

It’s Labor Day weekend and time to head outdoors. But not before covering yourself head-to-toe in clothing, drenching yourself in insecticide and taping your shirt to your waistline and your pants to your boots.


A Corvette that spans the decades

Mark Eaton’s gorgeous 1957 Corvette roadster bridges a gap with amazing ease, combining the clean, sporty, flowing design of the original two-seater with the power and road performance of a modern Corvette Z06 chassis and drivetrain.

Politics & Government

ACLU moves to strike down Kobach’s voter citizenship law

The American Civil Liberties Union and Secretary of State Kris Kobach jockeyed for legal advantage Friday in a court case challenging Kobach’s implementation of the state’s voter proof-of-citizenship law. Representing Kansas voters who can cast ballots in federal races, but not state and local elections, the ACLU filed a motion for summary judgment that would strike down Kobach’s two-tier voting system without a trial.

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Politics & Government

Brownback says jailing of Kentucky clerk is in ‘the court’s wisdom’

Gov. Sam Brownback, an opponent of same-sex marriage, said Friday that a judge’s decision to jail a Kentucky clerk for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples was in “the court’s wisdom.”

That’s a strikingly different tone than the one his office used in June when it called the U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage a “prime example of a judiciary unrestrained by the rule of law.”


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