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Trudy Rubin: Al-Maliki needs to go

Having ignored Iraq since 2009, the Obama team is now desperately trying to devise a way to prevent its total collapse – and to roll back the jihadi state newly established on a third of Iraqi territory.

Burdett Loomis: Ambition a gift to Kansas voters

In the summer of an even-numbered year, you can smell political ambition in the air. And I like it. I’m a big fan of ambition, political or otherwise. Entrepreneurs have it; many of the best coaches have it, as do their athletes.

Charles Krauthammer: Immigrant kids shouldn’t be allowed to stay

As is his wont, President Obama is treating the border crisis – more than 50,000 unaccompanied children crossing illegally – as a public relations problem. Where to photo op and where not.

Nicholas Kristof: Memoir shows broken criminal justice system

On the day after his 32nd birthday, Michael Morton returned from work to find his home in Austin surrounded by yellow police tape.

Ross Douthat: Liberals should love Hobby Lobby

For a generation now, liberals have bemoaned the disappearance of the socially conscious corporation, the boardroom devoted to the common good. Once, the story goes, America’s CEOs recognized that they shared interests with workers and customers; once wages and working hours reflected more than just a zeal for profits. But then came Reagan, deregulation, hostile takeovers, and an era of solidarity gave way to the age of Gordon Gekko, from which there’s been no subsequent escape.

Doyle McManus: The drone warfare drawbacks

The drone has become America’s counterterrorism weapon of choice. But does drone warfare really further U.S. goals abroad?

Stephen Moore: Nothing the matter with Kansas’ tax policy

Paul Krugman of the New York Times took a shot at economist Arthur Laffer and others who advise governors around the country to cut taxes to boost economic growth and jobs, calling us “charlatans and cranks” (“Kansas shows enduring power of bad ideas,” July 1 Opinion).

Cal Thomas: Immigration isn’t ‘central to our way of life’

The cab driver who took me to the Washington Nationals baseball game on July 4 is from Bangladesh. I asked him how he got here. He said his father “won the immigration lottery” some years back, was admitted under U.S. immigration law and eventually became a citizen, as did his son. He is proud to be an American and said that after he dropped me off he was going to a traditional Fourth of July party to celebrate America’s independence.

Jared Bernstein: Why the GOP really wants to defund IRS

Congressional conservatives have everyone looking the other way while they try to defund the Internal Revenue Service.

John Dickerson: Lack of trust in Obama didn’t kill immigration reform

The death of immigration reform comes at a time when House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is suing President Obama for exceeding his executive authority. The two are linked.

Kevin Baine: Hobby Lobby won’t take away anyone’s birth control

Virtually all of the criticism of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision has assumed that women who work for Hobby Lobby and other religious businesses will lose their free contraceptives. That’s false. As Justice Samuel Alito explained in his opinion for the court, the effect of its ruling on these women’s access to contraception is “precisely zero.”

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Court ruling not a ‘narrow’ decision

Relax. This is not a slippery slope.

Thomas L. Friedman: Why the fate of Ukraine matters

You can’t make this up. The Guardian reported last week that Ukrainians crowdfunded the first “people’s drone” to help their army stem infiltration by Russian-supported rebels in Ukraine’s eastern provinces that border Russia.

Chapman Rackaway: Davis dodging the tax question

Spare a thought for Paul Davis. The House minority leader from Lawrence doesn’t seem like he needs sympathy, so offering it might seem odd.

Cal Thomas: Federalist Papers are America’s DNA

The reach and cost of big government are growing before our eyes and eroding our liberty, largely because too many Americans are not familiar with the brilliant system of government our founders established.

Martin Schram: Pensions, benefits also need improving at VA

MEMO TO: Veterans Affairs Secretary-designate Robert A. McDonald

Jerry Moran and Ajit Pai: Rural students deserve 21st-century education

As sons of rural Kansas, we are committed to ensuring that children who grow up in the Sunflower State receive the same educational opportunities as students anywhere in America. One of the tools for making certain that rural students receive a 21st-century education is broadband Internet access. Broadband can be the great equalizer; with an Internet connection, where you live doesn’t determine what information and resources you can access.

John P. Abizaid and Rosa Brooks: U.S. needs a rule book for drones

To understand why U.S. drone strikes outside traditional battlefields make so many people so uneasy, look to the past and look to the future.

Susan Crawford: Allow cities to take on big cable companies

A group of Democratic lawmakers sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission last week demanding it do everything in its power to let cities build competitive fiber networks. It’s the next big fight in telecom policy – and the FCC is going to need all the help it can get.

Trudy Rubin: Cheney is up to his old tricks again

For Dick Cheney, Iraq means never having to say you’re sorry.

Cal Thomas: If Obama really wants to help, change policies

President Obama appears to have forgotten – or ignored – why we have elections. One reason is to stop, or slow down, an agenda the public doesn’t like.

Barry Grissom: All equal in the eyes of the law

President Kennedy did not know when he delivered his historic civil rights address on June 11, 1963, that he would not live to see what he had done. He well knew, though, that while America was facing a legal and moral crisis he needed to strike a steady tone and to point the way toward higher ground.

Dan K. Thomasson: Shortage of functioning brain cells in Washington, D.C.

Here’s the situation as it now stands in this capital of the Western world, if it still is.

Paul Krugman: Kansas shows enduring power of bad ideas

Two years ago Kansas embarked on a remarkable fiscal experiment: It sharply slashed income taxes without any clear idea of what would replace the lost revenue. Gov. Sam Brownback proposed the legislation – in percentage terms, the largest tax cut in one year any state has ever enacted – in close consultation with the economist Arthur Laffer. And Brownback predicted that the cuts would jump-start an economic boom. “Look out, Texas,” he proclaimed.

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