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Movie Maniac

The Eagle's Rod Pocowatchit's musings on the screen scene

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Orpheum gives ‘Wichita’ film its premiere

Wichita has been the setting for many Westerns, but none like Nicholas Barton’s “Wichita.”

‘Odd Thomas’ holds more than a few surprises

It’s always sad to see a movie go down in flames before it even had a chance. It’s even worse when the movie deserved better.

‘Gloria’ a gentle character study about finding beauty within

It’s rare to find a real woman portrayed in movies, one that isn’t supermodel skinny, impossibly beautiful or just a day over 21.

Spring movie preview: ‘Divergent,’ ‘Captain America’ among highlights

Thursday was the first day of spring, and with it comes Hollywood’s lineup of mostly comedies and sequels to usher in the warm months. Here are some highlights (release dates subject to change):

‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ hits the right notes

Joel and Ethan Coen’s “Inside Llewyn Davis” (1/2), which was released on DVD this week, is an odd yet beautiful thing.

‘Jayhawkers’ movie tells Wilt Chamberlain’s story

Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain was an inch over seven feet tall. But the heights he reached were unmeasurable.

From pizza to poignancy, the Academy Awards telecast was memorable

The Academy Awards on Sunday had some big surprises. I correctly called 20 out of 24 categories (I missed documentary feature, animated short, film editing and a little thing called best picture).

Movie Maniac: Who has the heat to win an Oscar?

Movie Maniac makes his predictions. “Gravity” and “12 Years a Slave” in a close race.

Movie Maniac: ‘Wichita’ the movie in three parts, in three parts of Wichita the city

Tallgrass Film Association, the group that annually produces the Tallgrass Film Festival, presents its first event of the year on Friday night.

Screenings of Oscar-nominated short films begin Saturday in Wichita, Derby

For the 28th year, the Wichita Public Library will host screenings of Academy Award-nominated animated, live-action and documentary short films. Screenings start Saturday and continue through March 1.

Fans of original ‘RoboCop’ create their own remake

With the release of “RoboCop,” we’re again subjected to another needless remake of a fan favorite.

In 86 years, Academy has revoked a handful of nominations

Adding more drama to an already heated Oscar race, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences earlier this week revoked one of its Oscar nominations. And that happens about as often as Woody Allen attends the Oscars – practically never.

Apparently, hell hath no fury like a Tarantino scorned

If you’re lucky enough to be among Quentin Tarantino’s trusted crowd, you’d think you’d be a little more careful when he trusts you with something top secret.

Ready to pick Oscar winners? Here's a primer

Oscar contest hopefuls, get ready. Now that nominations have been announced, you have some studying to do as you pick who you think will win an Academy Award. A trip to Hollywood is on the line.

Academy Award nomination surprises were mostly pleasant

The Academy Award nominations were announced early Thursday morning, and as usual, there were some big (mostly nice) surprises.

Who’ll be nominated for an Oscar? Time for predictions

We’re deep into the abyss of movie awards season now, as the Golden Globe Awards get handed out Sunday night in Hollywood.

2014 movie preview: Sequels, adaptations among most anticipated titles

Hollywood just enjoyed a fantastic year at the box office, and hopes to build on that momentum this year with lots of film adaptations of beloved books and comics, highly anticipated sequels and new takes on old characters.

The year in movies: Powerful Journeys

A strange thing happened in 2013 at the movies: We tried new things.

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ all about excess

The opening scene of “The Wolf of Wall Street” shows stockbrokers drunk off power (and probably other things) about to throw a little person onto a bull’s-eye target hoping he’ll stick to it (he’s wearing some sort of Velcro suit).

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