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Movie Maniac

The Eagle's Rod Pocowatchit's musings on the screen scene

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‘Wolf of Wall Street’ all about excess

The opening scene of “The Wolf of Wall Street” shows stockbrokers drunk off power (and probably other things) about to throw a little person onto a bull’s-eye target hoping he’ll stick to it (he’s wearing some sort of Velcro suit).

SAG, Golden Globe nominations signal Oscar chances

Two more high-profile groups announced their awards nominations this week, kicking movie awards season into high(er) gear.

Some ‘Fast & Furious 6’ proceeds will benefit Paul Walker’s charity

After the untimely death of actor Paul Walker in a car crash on Nov. 30, Universal Studios announced earlier this week that it will honor the star of its extremely successful “Fast & Furious” films with a donation to his charitable cause.

Directing fellowship in Los Angeles a jubliant experience

I’m back from a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles, where I had been selected for a directing fellowship though the L.A. Skins Fest.

Hollywood rolls out its holiday releases

The holiday movie season technically started with the release of “Ender’s Game” last weekend, and kicked into high gear with “Thor: The Dark World” this week.

Films in the works: ‘Entourage,’ Belushi biopic

Recent movie news:

Hollywood Film Awards kick off the movie awards season

The Hollywood Film Awards were presented earlier this week, officially kicking off the silly movie awards season, which ends with the Academy Awards next spring. Yes, almost half a year away.

Snow adds to the coolness of this year’s Tallgrass Film Festival

The Tallgrass Film Festival saw a first this year: snow.

Tallgrass Film Festival has grown into a world-class event

Why should you go to the Tallgrass Film Festival if you’re never heard of any of the films being shown?

Wichita horror film festival expands into two new venues

Leif Jonker loves horror. So much so that the Wichitan has taken it upon himself to organize a horror film festival in Wichita, as he has done in previous years.

Breezy ‘In A World. . .’ an auspicious directing, writing debut

In real life, Don LaFontaine made a name for himself as the king of movie trailer voice-overs. He coined the phrase “In a world ...” that led so many trailers it became a sort of revered cliche.

‘Kings of Summer’ a refreshing, quirky treat

Coming-of-age tales tend to lean toward overly sentimental. Or go the complete opposite and be preachy.

Familiar stars return for fall films

The summer season is over, and it was a good one at the multiplex. Domestic box office was up — more than $4.6 million, according to Box Office Mojo.

‘The Spectacular Now’ a funny, yet heartbreaking film

In the sublime “The Spectacular Now,” the lead character, Sutter, has no ambition. Zero. Unless it’s to find the next party.

Wichitan a finalist in ‘Project Imaginat10n’ film contest

I wrote in July about “Project Imaginat10n,” a film contest sponsored by Canon where entrants create a short film inspired by a series of crowd-sourced photographs.

Movie Maniac: 24-hour filmmaking race isn’t for wimps

I hope to be asleep by the time you read this, because I will have participated in “Down to the Wire: A 24-Hour Film Race,” presented by the Tallgrass Filmmakers Lab and CreativeRush, that started Friday night and concluded Saturday night.

Wichita’s 24-hour film race returns

Get your pit crew ready, local filmmakers. Because Wichita’s first and only film race returns.

‘Frances Ha’ explores train wreck of woman’s life

It’s hard to define exactly what an “art film” is, but you know one when you see one. A few minutes into “Frances Ha,” it’s apparent that this is definitely an art film.

Upcoming film contests include ‘Project Imagination,’ ‘Down to the Wire’

Ron Howard and his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard want your imagination.

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