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AFC Schedules AFC Schedules

  • Published Saturday, August 24, 2013, at 2:58 p.m.

Baltimore Ravens

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 5 at Denver7:30
Sept. 15 ClevelandNoon
Sept. 22 HoustonNoon
Sept. 29 at BuffaloNoon
Oct. 6 at MiamiNoon
Oct. 13 Green BayNoon
Oct. 20 at Pittsburgh3:25
Oct. 27 Bye
Nov. 3 at Cleveland3:25
Nov. 10 CincinnatiNoon
Nov. 17 at ChicagoNoon
Nov. 24 N.Y. JetsNoon
Nov. 28Pittsburgh7:30
Dec. 8 MinnesotaNoon
Dec. 16 at Detroit7:40
Dec. 22 New England7:30
Dec. 29 at CincinnatiNoon

Buffalo Bills

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8 New England Noon
Sept. 15Carolina Noon
Sept. 22at N.Y. Jets 3:25
Sept. 29 Baltimore Noon
Oct. 3at Cleveland7:25
Oct. 13 Cincinnati Noon
Oct. 20at Miami Noon
Oct. 27at New Orleans Noon
Nov. 3 Kansas City Noon
Nov. 10at Pittsburgh Noon
Nov. 17N.Y. Jets Noon
Nov. 24 Bye
Dec. 1 y-Atlanta 3:05
Dec. 8at Tampa Bay Noon
Dec. 15at Jacksonville Noon
Dec. 22Miami Noon
Dec. 29at New England Noon

Cincinnati Bengals

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8at Chicago Noon
Sept. 16 Pittsburgh7:40
Sept. 22 Green BayNoon
Sept. 29at Cleveland Noon
Oct. 6 New England Noon
Oct. 13at Buffalo Noon
Oct. 20at Detroit Noon
Oct. 27N.Y. Jets 3:05
Oct. 31at Miami7:25
Nov. 10at Baltimore Noon
Nov. 17 Cleveland Noon
Nov. 24Bye
Dec. 1at San Diego 3:25
Dec. 8 Indianapolis Noon
Dec. 15at Pittsburgh7:30
Dec. 22 Minnesota Noon
Dec. 29 Baltimore Noon

Cleveland Browns

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8MiamiNoon
Sept. 15at Baltimore Noon
Sept. 22at Minnesota Noon
Sept. 29 Cincinnati Noon
Oct. 3 Buffalo7:25
Oct. 13 Detroit Noon
Oct. 20at Green Bay 3:25
Oct. 27at Kansas City Noon
Nov. 3 Baltimore 3:25
Nov. 10Bye
Nov. 17at Cincinnati Noon
Nov. 24PittsburghNoon
Dec. 1 Jacksonville Noon
Dec. 8at New England Noon
Dec. 15 Chicago Noon
Dec. 22at N.Y. Jets Noon
Dec. 29at Pittsburgh Noon

Denver Broncos

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 5 Baltimore7:30
Sept. 15at N.Y. Giants 3:25
Sept. 23 Oakland7:40
Sept. 29 Philadelphia 3:25
Oct. 6at Dallas 3:25
Oct. 13 Jacksonville 3:05
Oct. 20at Indianapolis7:30
Oct. 27 Washington 3:25
Nov. 3Bye
Nov. 10at San Diego 3:25
Nov. 17 Kansas City 3:05
Nov. 24at New England 7:30
Dec. 1at Kansas City Noon
Dec. 8 Tennessee 3:05
Dec. 12 San Diego7:25
Dec. 22at Houston Noon
Dec. 29at Oakland 3:25

Houston Texans

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 9at San Diego 9:20
Sept. 15 Tennessee Noon
Sept. 22at Baltimore Noon
Sept. 29 SeattleNoon
Oct. 6at San Francisco7:30
Oct. 13 St. Louis Noon
Oct. 20at Kansas City Noon
Oct. 27Bye
Nov. 3 Indianapolis7:30
Nov. 10at Arizona 3:25
Nov. 17 Oakland Noon
Nov. 24 Jacksonville Noon
Dec. 1 New England 3:25
Dec. 5at Jacksonville7:25
Dec. 15at Indianapolis Noon
Dec. 22 Denver Noon
Dec. 29at Tennessee Noon

Indianapolis Colts

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8 Oakland Noon
Sept. 15 Miami Noon
Sept. 22at San Francisco 3:25
Sept. 29at Jacksonville Noon
Oct. 6 Seattle Noon
Oct. 14at San Diego7:40
Oct. 20Denver7:30
Oct. 27Bye
Nov. 3at Houston7:30
Nov. 10 St. Louis Noon
Nov. 14at Tennessee7:25
Nov. 24at Arizona 3:05
Dec. 1 Tennessee Noon
Dec. 8at Cincinnati Noon
Dec. 15Houston Noon
Dec. 22at Kansas City Noon
Dec. 29JacksonvilleNoon

Jacksonville Jaguars

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8 Kansas City Noon
Sept. 15at Oakland 3:25
Sept. 22at Seattle 3:25
Sept. 29 Indianapolis Noon
Oct. 6at St. Louis Noon
Oct. 13at Denver 3:05
Oct. 20 San Diego Noon
Oct. 27 x-San Francisco Noon
Nov. 3Bye
Nov. 10at Tennessee Noon
Nov. 17 Arizona Noon
Nov. 24at Houston Noon
Dec. 1at Cleveland Noon
Dec. 5 Houston7:25
Dec. 15 Buffalo Noon
Dec. 22 Tennessee Noon
Dec. 29at Indianapolis Noon

Kansas City Chiefs

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8at Jacksonville Noon
Sept. 15 Dallas Noon
Sept. 19at Philadelphia7:25
Sept. 29 N.Y. Giants Noon
Oct. 6at Tennessee Noon
Oct. 13 Oakland Noon
Oct. 20 Houston Noon
Oct. 27 Cleveland Noon
Nov. 3at Buffalo Noon
Nov. 10Bye
Nov. 17at Denver 3:05
Nov. 24 San Diego Noon
Dec. 1 Denver Noon
Dec. 8at Washington Noon
Dec. 15at Oakland 3:05
Dec. 22Indianapolis Noon
Dec. 29at San Diego 3:25

Miami Dolphins

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8at Cleveland Noon
Sept. 15at Indianapolis Noon
Sept. 22 Atlanta 3:05
Sept. 30at New Orleans7:40
Oct. 6 Baltimore Noon
Oct. 13Bye
Oct. 20 Buffalo Noon
Oct. 27at New England Noon
Oct. 31 Cincinnati7:25
Nov. 11at Tampa Bay7:40
Nov. 17 San Diego Noon
Nov. 24 Carolina Noon
Dec. 1at N.Y. Jets Noon
Dec. 8at Pittsburgh Noon
Dec. 15 New England Noon
Dec. 22at Buffalo Noon
Dec. 29 N.Y. Jets Noon

New England Patriots

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8at Buffalo Noon
Sept. 12 N.Y. Jets7:25
Sept. 22 Tampa Bay Noon
Sept. 29at Atlanta 7:30
Oct. 6at Cincinnati Noon
Oct. 13 New Orleans 3:25
Oct. 20at N.Y. Jets Noon
Oct. 27 Miami Noon
Nov. 3 Pittsburgh 3:25
Nov. 10Bye
Nov. 18at Carolina7:40
Nov. 24 Denver7:30
Dec. 1at Houston 3:25
Dec. 8 Cleveland Noon
Dec. 15at Miami Noon
Dec. 22at Baltimore7:30
Dec. 29 Buffalo Noon

New York Jets

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8 Tampa Bay Noon
Sept. 12at New England7:25
Sept. 22 Buffalo 3:25
Sept. 29at Tennessee 3:05
Oct. 7at Atlanta7:40
Oct. 13 Pittsburgh Noon
Oct. 20 New England Noon
Oct. 27at Cincinnati 3:05
Nov. 3 New Orleans Noon
Nov. 10Bye
Nov. 17at Buffalo Noon
Nov. 24at Baltimore Noon
Dec. 1 Miami Noon
Dec. 8 Oakland Noon
Dec. 15at Carolina 3:05
Dec. 22 Cleveland Noon
Dec. 29at Miami Noon

Oakland Raiders

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8at Indianapolis Noon
Sept. 15 Jacksonville 3:25
Sept. 23at Denver7:40
Sept. 29 Washington 3:25
Oct. 6 San Diego 3:25
Oct. 13at Kansas City Noon
Oct. 20Bye
Oct. 27Pittsburgh 3:05
Nov. 3 Philadelphia 3:05
Nov. 10at N.Y. Giants Noon
Nov. 17at Houston Noon
Nov. 24 Tennessee 3:05
Nov. 28at Dallas 3:30
Dec. 8at N.Y. Jets Noon
Dec. 15 Kansas City 3:05
Dec. 22at San Diego 3:25
Dec. 29 Denver 3:25

Pittsburgh Steelers

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8 Tennessee Noon
Sept. 16at Cincinnati7:40
Sept. 22 Chicago7:30
Sept. 29x-at Minnesota Noon
Oct. 6Bye
Oct. 13at N.Y. Jets Noon
Oct. 20 Baltimore 3:25
Oct. 27at Oakland 3:00
Nov. 3at New England 3:25
Nov. 10 Buffalo Noon
Nov. 17 Detroit Noon
Nov. 24at Cleveland Noon
Nov. 28at Baltimore7:30
Dec. 8 Miami Noon
Dec. 15 Cincinnati7:30
Dec. 22at Green Bay 3:25
Dec. 29 Cleveland Noon

San Diego Chargers

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 9 Houston 9:20
Sept. 15at Philadelphia Noon
Sept. 22at Tennessee Noon
Sept. 29Dallas 3:25
Oct. 6at Oakland 3:25
Oct. 14 Indianapolis7:40
Oct. 20at Jacksonville Noon
Oct. 27Bye
Nov. 3at Washington Noon
Nov. 10 Denver 3:25
Nov. 17at Miami Noon
Nov. 24at Kansas City Noon
Dec. 1 Cincinnati 3:25
Dec. 8 N.Y. Giants 3:25
Dec. 12at Denver7:25
Dec. 22 Oakland3:25
Dec. 29Kansas City 3:25

Tennessee Titans

Date Opponent Time
Sept. 8at Pittsburgh Noon
Sept. 15at Houston Noon
Sept. 22 San Diego Noon
Sept. 29 N.Y. Jets 3:05
Oct. 6 Kansas City Noon
Oct. 13at Seattle 3:05
Oct. 20 San Francisco 3:05
Oct. 27Bye
Nov. 3at St. Louis Noon
Nov. 10 Jacksonville Noon
Nov. 14 Indianapolis7:25
Nov. 24at Oakland 3:05
Dec. 1at Indianapolis Noon
Dec. 8at Denver 3:05
Dec. 15 Arizona Noon
Dec. 22at Jacksonville Noon
Dec. 29 Houston Noon

x-at London; y-at Toronto

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