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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Law firm files for $1.7 million in fees for Hawker bankruptcy

By Molly McMillin
The Wichita Eagle

The New York law firm of Kirkland & Ellis has filed for $1.754 million in compensation for work on Hawker Beechcraft’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy case during the month of June.

The firm filed its fees with the bankruptcy court on Tuesday.

The firm is also seeking $57,339 for reimbursement of expenses during the month.

The fees are for services from June 1 to June 30 and include 2,444 billable hours for the services of 35 attorneys.

Attorney fees range from $370 an hour to $1,045 an hour.

The attorneys spent anywhere from three-and-one-half hours to 228 hours on the case during the month, according to the document.

Three of the firm’s partners, Paul Basta, Todd Maynes and James Sprayregen, had fees of $1,045 an hour.

The fees of 14 other partners ranged from $715 to $995 an hour.

Twelve paraprofessionals also worked a total of 260 hours on the case in June, with fees totaling $69,698.

According to the court filing, the lawyers worked on automatic stay issues, business operations, case administration, claims analysis, corporate and securities issues, hearings, plan and disclosure statements, tax issues, trustee issues, litigation issues, vendor and supplier issues, cash collateral and debtor in possession financing, employee issues, benefits and pension, strategic transaction asset sale and other issues.

Nearly 1,043 hours were spent working on employee issues, benefits and pensions, the most hours in any one category.

Expenses included $8,400 for printing, $16,880 for airfare, $7,261 for travel, $7,744 for catering expenses and $4,361 for transportation to and from the airport and $3,296 in outside copy and binding services.

The financially troubled Hawker Beechcraft filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy May 3.

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