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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kansas ranks 11th friendliest state for small business

By Dan Voorhis
The Wichita Eagle

A new survey of small businesses shows that Kansas ranks 11th among states for business friendliness, although with some serious shortfalls.

The online survey of more than 6,000 businesses by, in conjunction with the Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City, Mo., suggests that central and western Kansas communities are far less business friendly than the metro Kansas City area.

In the best results, the state placed fifth for publicizing networking programs and ninth for ease in starting a small business. The respondents also said that zoning regulation enforcement is friendly.

Respondents marked the state down the most for its local and state environmental regulation enforcement. It ranked last in the Midwest for the cost of hiring a new employee. Central/Western Kansas received the lowest ranking for ease of starting a new business.

Businesses participating in the survey reported growing at rates that placed Kansas eighth among all states. However, Kansas business owners were among the gloomiest about the future, at 34th.

The survey’s authors said that, generally, although taxes were important, respondents were most bothered by their region’s licensing requirements.

The top states for new small businesses, according to the survey, were, in order: Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, New Hampshire, Nebraska and Alabama. is website that facilitates small business operations by collecting data and providing quotes for services.

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