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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Frozen favorites

Indulge in custard and other homemade frozen treats.

By Joe Bonwich
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Would you like to try to reproduce the summer custard-stand experience at home?

The good news is that eggs, in fact, are what differentiates frozen custard from regular ice cream. And the small quantities you’re going to produce allow you to use fresh eggs in every batch.

We’ll get you started with a basic Vanilla Frozen Custard recipe that includes a variation for a Cookies and Cream version that might remind you of one of your favorite local flavors. If you’re not in the mood for cookies, substitute another favorite mix-in instead.

If you’d like to feature some additional flavors but don’t want to work as hard, we’ve also included an ultra-simple way of making Pineapple Ice Cream — not frozen custard, but still richly flavored. And if you don’t mind a few extra steps, take a look at Roasted Strawberry and Buttermilk Ice Cream, which uses buttermilk and cream cheese to tack on an added layer of richness.

If you really, truly want to make it seem like your favorite local stand, invite several dozen of your friends. Just be sure to get your home ice-cream machine churning away several days in advance.

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