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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paleteria La Reyna is more than just ice cream

By Philip Warren
Wichita Eagle Dining Panel

Paleteria La Reyna at 29th and Arkansas is best known for its delicious homemade frozen treats, including ice pops and ice cream. But the restaurant also serves some very good savory food.

La Reyna has a small food menu that includes burritos, enchiladas, tacos and gorditas. On our visit, we ordered the al pastor (pork) burrito smothered with chili verde and the gordita meal, which consisted of a barbacoa and al pastor gordita with beans and rice on the side. Homemade chips and salsa come with every meal and are not to be missed. The thick tortilla chips are perfectly engineered for maximum dipping of the wonderful cilantro-packed salsa.

The burrito was as delicious as it was large, filled with al pastor, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, cheese and beans. The chili verde topping was excellent, as well. The gorditas were simple, yet satisfying. They consisted of a chewy masa shell filled with meats. Both gorditas were good, but the barbacoa was the favorite. The beans and rice were better than average.

If you can manage to save room for dessert, you will not be disappointed. They offer a variety of homemade ice cream flavors daily, including tequila. Other frozen delights include ice pops, sundaes, and raspas (the Mexican version of a snow cone). We ordered the visually stunning strawberries and cream treat, a concoction with alternating layers of strawberries, crema and whipped cream. Topped off with shortbread cookies, it was impressive. We also tried a refreshing coconut raspa, which consisted of shaved ice, shredded coconut milk and caramelized syrup.

Paleteria has ample seating inside and out, which is good because it can get quite busy on weekend evenings. All food and desserts are a great value with dinner and dessert for two running about $15 to $20.

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