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Saturday, July 26, 2014

This season, your prints will come

By Bonnie Bing
The Wichita Eagle

Flowers are a sure sign of spring, and regardless of the “it” color of the season or the hottest trends, floral prints arrive every year with warmer temperatures and green grass.

The print may be very small or very bold and bright, but the floral theme carries through for every age, every color and every size.

“We’re getting in more floral print dresses, and we’ll have some for evening, too,” said Beth George of Foggy Bottom. “They’re always a welcome spring look.”

Brooke Hebert of The Pink Saloon said, “I’ve seen such a mix in the prints this year, but there is some consistency in the bold colors.”

With the influx of dresses this season come color blocking, pastels, brights and folkloric prints, but most retailers agree that nothing says spring like a floral dress in beautiful seasonal colors.

Some people are mixing prints in two- or three-piece outfits, but most feel comfortable combining colors that complement the print, such as a solid casual skirt with floral top, or a floral pair of cropped pants with a solid top. And floral print is so hot that you can get the look in shoes, sandals and handbags.

Whether you prefer a dramatic print of a huge flower or blossoms so tiny they have a nostalgic look, there is most definitely a floral print available to help you welcome spring.

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