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Monday, July 14, 2014


In a sweet Southern voice reminiscent of her Arkansas roots, Marine Hedge always prefaced each sentence with "says well."

"And then she'd just start talking," her daughter-in-law, Phyllis Hedge, said. "She talked like Dolly Parton. She was amazingly sweet."

A petite woman, Hedge loved shopping and jewelry. She was always meticulously dressed, her shoes matching her clothes.

"She was very stylish," said Phyllis Hedge, who knew her for 18 years. "Just a perfect, meticulous little person. She was under five feet tall."

She made cooking look effortless, too.

"I just remember Thanksgiving when we came, everything you can imagine was just ready," Phyllis Hedge recalled. "Everything she made was from the heart. When we came to dinner, everything was just there and ready. There was no frustration, no hustle-bustle."

She taught her daughter-in-law how to prepare hush puppies and catfish.

Hedge, whose maiden name was Wallace, moved with her husband to Kansas from Arkansas. He worked for Beechcraft. She worked as a second-shift supervisor at the Wesley Medical Center coffee shop for more than a dozen years.

They lived at 6254 Independence Street in Park City. They had one son and three daughters together, in addition to grandchildren.

Her husband died a year before she did. At the time of her death, neighbors recalled she enjoyed bingo, working in her yard and attending the Park City Baptist Church.

Phyllis Hedge said her husband, Tom, loved his mother very much. Most of her life was spent working and raising her four children.

"She was adored by her son, the most wonderful woman on earth."

-- Katherine Leal Unmuth

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