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Affordable Care Act’s changes will affect nearly everyone

Feb. 28 at 11:20 a.m.

When Debbie Smith retires later this month, she will no longer have health insurance.

  • Medicaid expansion would make thousands more Kansans eligible

    Mark Oates has been a truck driver for most of his life.

  • Use of electronic medical records a ‘learning curve’ for providers

    Everyone from your pharmacy to your eye doctor is making the switch to electronic medical records in an effort to share information, avoid duplication of tests and get essential medical information during emergencies.

  • Wichita a leader in clinical trials

    When it comes to clinical trials, the Kansas-Missouri region “is one of the richest research areas in the U.S., if not the world,” according to a research official with the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita.

  • Getting medical info online has pluses, minuses

    Most of us have been there in some form or another: Eye twitching, nose running, left elbow hurting, we hunker down in front of the computer, tap our way to our favorite search engine and eagerly begin investigating possible answers to what ails us.

  • Assisted living increasingly includes ‘memory care’

    Tim Buchanan and Jerry Carley have spent most of their professional lives caring for seniors. From differing jobs, and different perspectives, they’ve seen suffering and tried to relieve it.

  • Two Via Christi hospitals changing to all-private rooms

    When it comes to modern hospital stays, privacy matters.

  • Setting the stage for another 100 years of caring

    Wesley Medical Center just concluded celebrating its 100th anniversary of serving patients. This past year offered opportunities to reflect on the impact Wesley has had in the community including milestones such as:

  • Patients have a new choice for orthopedic procedures

    Since opening a dedicated four-bed orthopedic unit in August 2012, Galichia Heart Hospital in northeast Wichita has performed more than 135 surgeries.

  • Public health efforts key to preventing disease

    Far too often, discussions of health and wellness begin and end with a focus on health care. We talk about changes in health insurance, advances in health care technology and new patient care models.

  • Vaccines among health department’s top tools

    The Sedgwick County Health Department is responsible for improving the health of the residents of Sedgwick County by promoting wellness, preventing disease and protecting the public from health threats. One of our most important responsibilities is the control of communicable diseases, and our most powerful tool is vaccinations.

  • County’s disease detectives get to root of health issues

    Most people who get bitten by a virus-carrying mosquito exhibit no symptoms, and some experience mild flu-like symptoms. So when 21 cases of arboviral disease – including West Nile – hit the books in Sedgwick County last summer, including one case of encephalitis, health officials jumped on it.

  • Safety must be first priority in health care

    At Via Christi Health and most health care organizations in the country, we do a great job of caring for most patients most of the time and have various recognitions to show for it.

  • Health resources in the Wichita area

    The Live & Learn Lecture series offers free health lectures to the public from noon to 1:30 p.m. once a month in the Roberts Amphitheater at KU, 1010 N. Kansas. Seating is limited. Those who attend are welcome to bring their own lunch to eat during the lectures.

  • Doctor shortage to hit rural areas hardest

    Doctors are in short supply in Kansas – especially in rural Kansas. As of 2010, the state ranked 39th in active physicians in relation to the population.

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