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Progress 2012: Education

Wichitans find layoff can launch a new career

Feb. 24 at 9:57 a.m.

Although the economy is struggling, many Wichitans are turning a disadvantage into an opportunity.

  • Successful Wichita natives praise their schooling here

    High schools turn out graduates every year not knowing what they will do or where they’ll end up.

  • Hot jobs in the Wichita area

    The following hot-jobs categories are a compilation of Kansas Department of Labor data and interview data.

  • In public schools, ‘Is it good for our students?’ is the focus

    “Is it good for our students?” That is the simple yet profound filter through which decisions in the Wichita Public Schools are evaluated and made every day on behalf of more than 50,000 young people as we strive to empower all students with the 21st century skills needed for successful careers and lives.

  • Wichita State moving forward as Kansas’ urban-serving university

    Since its founding as Fairmount College in 1895, Wichita State University has served a distinctive mission in Kansas. Of course, we continue to offer students exceptional learning opportunities, but we also serve Kansas’ largest urban community through research and public service. It’s a mission approved by the Kansas Board of Regents and one that makes WSU different from every other college and university in the state.

  • Friends’ name, mission reflect care, concern for students

    If I’ve learned anything in the nearly nine months I’ve served as president at Friends University, it’s this: Friends University is a place that truly embraces its students. Based on my past experiences, very few educational institutions foster and nurture their students quite like Friends University does.

  • Focus on science, pre-med, nursing is good for everyone’s health

    As anyone who has accessed the news media can tell you, higher education is the focus of a myriad of issues these days. From concerns about tuition costs, to shrinking government financial aid programs, to graduation rates, to rapid changes in technology, higher education is faced with a number of issues that affect individual institutions and the communities we serve.

  • Area colleges increase online offerings

    Online learning is on the rise in the Wichita area as colleges and universities are embracing the need for more user-friendly courses. Wichita State University, Friends University and Newman University are seeing an increase in online enrollment.

  • Fascination with weather growing, officials say

    Once upon a time, weather was something everybody talked about, but few people really cared about.

  • Collaboration is powerful in education

    All of us understand the power of an education. The lives it shapes. The skill it gives. The community it builds.

  • Changing society dictates changes in law enforcement training, officials say

    Technology and societal shifts are driving significant changes in how recruits are being trained to be law enforcement officers, local authorities say.

  • Parents as Teachers program helps young children develop

    Ask 2-year-old Landon Pfannenstiel what he likes best about the weekly Starlets class and he will tell you he likes to play with toys. His mom, Clista, will add that he likes to learn about colors. Landon’s mother will also point out that he and his 3-year-old sister Izzy do not realize they are learning when they attend class at the Early Childhood Center in Maize South High School. They are simply concerned with having fun.

  • Volunteers help students achieve success

    For many students, completing school work during the lunch hour might seem like a chore. But for Cloud Elementary fourth-grader Rogelio, working on multiplication tables and long division over lunch has become a combination for success.

  • Colleges offer satellite classes in Wichita area

    With many people going back to school in an effort to find work, state schools are making it easy to return to the classroom.

  • We must do this mission better than anyone else

    Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots recently said, "The key to life is to try to see things other people can’t see. The National Football League is set up for everyone to go 8-8. How can you differentiate? You have to be bold in any business and do things you take a lot of criticism for but you believe are right."

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