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Metro Grill food as good at the Waterfront as it was in the mall

Michael Gonzalez might be Wichita’s most unpredictable — and most predictable — chef.

Dining Panel review: Big B's Beef

Wichita has many types of food, but there are still plenty of cuisines we are missing.

New Italian restaurant Bravos long on taste, short on parking

It seems appropriate that the restaurant space with nine lives should attract a restaurateur with nine lives.

Chiang Mai does Thai on Wichita’s south side

Chiang Mai has flown under my restaurant radar for quite some time, but finally, at the behest of a trusted friend, we headed south to Hillside and 31st Street to see what it was all about.

Meat isn’t missed at Garden Grill Cafe

If a meal is vegan and made using locally grown natural ingredients, it has negative calories.

No sushi? No problem at Nippon Grill & Pho

My initial disappointment at the removal of sushi from Nippon’s menu was soon allayed by a warm bowl of sirloin and meatball pho.

Do try the dishes at Doo-Dah Diner

Your brain might have trouble processing Doo-Dah Diner, a restaurant that’s sort of hard to classify.

Dim sum brunch at Tom’s Lotus Garden a little bit of everything

As an adventurous eater, I like to try lots of things. I’m a fan of Spanish-style tapas restaurants because of the wide variety one can have at a reasonable price. The Chinese version of tapas is dim sum. And in Wichita, you have only once choice for dim sum: Tom’s Lotus Garden.

New menu items at Carlos O’Kelly’s worth trying

There’s a new Mexican restaurant experience in Wichita, and it’s right in a familiar spot.

No frills, but tasty tacos await your assembly instructions at Taco Tinga

The name is sort of funny. The atmosphere is nil. But the hot, marinated Mexican meats simmering in serving trays at the front of Taco Tinga look and smell wonderful and taste even better.

Public at Brickyard a trendy gastropub that features local ingredients

Wichita has plenty of bar food. But when high school buddies Drew Thompson and Travis Russell teamed up this fall to open Public at the Brickyard in a cavernous but very cool underground space attached to the Brickyard bar, 129 N. Rock Island, Wichita got its first trendy gastropub.

Dining Panel review: Los Compadres

When searching for an authentic Mexican meal, we often think of several restaurants on the north side of Wichita.

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