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Review: No reservations about Town and Country

Town and Country is one of those restaurants in Wichita that seems to have been around forever. And after 47 years in business, it appears to still be going strong as evidenced by the large crowds waiting to be seated on any given weekend morning.

Review: Buffet, customer service set Sweet Basil apart

While some may consider Sweet Basil a “been-there-dined-there” restaurant, this northeast Wichita mainstay deserves a revisit.

No-frills Pho Hien a top choice for soup – like hoanh thanh

As part of the Eagle’s dining panel, I’m charged with trying new things and reporting on what’s good. So I recently steeled myself, stepped out of my comfort zone and ordered … chicken noodle soup. A Vietnamese version of it, anyway.

Deano’s sports a good menu for game nights

When all the basketball teams in your state have outstanding years simultaneously, the need for an outstanding place to watch the game while enjoying beer, burgers and fan fellowship becomes pretty important.

Le Monde’s authentic dishes always deliver great taste

On the rare occasion my wife and I get to have a lunch date, one of the first places that comes to mind is Le Monde Cafe & Deli.

With her Soup Kitchen, Tanya Tandoc sticks to what works

Whether you became a fan of Tanya Tandoc during her time in the kitchen of Larkspur, at one of her cooking classes, from her self-published collections of recipes, or from her restaurant reviews on KMUW, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the Wichita food scene who hasn’t been influenced by her.

Wichita’s Chicago Donuts will satisfy your cravings

Who doesn’t wake up on a weekend or weekday morning craving a fresh doughnut or pastry? If you’re like me, doughnuts can make you happy.

Anna Murdoc’s a cafe many know, even if they don’t know it

Anna Murdoc’s Cafe is a restaurant that many people know, even if they don’t know it yet. From their signature chorizo taco burgers at last fall’s Tallgrass Film Festival to their Indian tacos at Creative Rush events to their carne asada at KMUW’s Fill Your Mug event, members of the Rodriguez family have a taste that’s uniquely their own, and they get around.

Burgers, Reubens at Yolo Grill earn following

I can’t decide what I like best about Yolo Grill.

There are a number of good meals at Twelve

The west side deserves to have nice things, too.

Banh Mi Ngon expands Vitenamese sandwich options

It used to be that in order to find a banh mi sandwich in Wichita, you had to travel to Midtown.

Bud E. Roosters focuses on fingers

Fans of fast food fried chicken have a new option in town – and this one is locally owned.

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