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Keeping the Plains

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Couple's film documents how to cut waste from your life

A documentary following a Canadian couple who spent a year trying to see who could produce the least waste proved one of my favorites from last week's Tallgrass Film Festival.

Root cellars are returning as more adopt local food practices

As more people commit to buying their food locally, the age-old concept of the root cellar is making a comeback.

What makes this home special? It's the only one LEED certified in Wichita

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, developed 11 years ago by the U.S. Green Building Council. To become LEED certified, homes undergo inspections and are rated based on eight criteria, including energy and water efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and improving indoor air quality.

Eating local in the winter can be difficult, even in 'farm country'

When I first started trying in earnest to support local food several years ago, a friend in Chicago told me keeping it up in winter would be easy.

Cooking with solar energy is one way to celebrate the equinox

We can't think of a better way to celebrate the fall equinox, when the sun passes over the equator, than with a little solar cooking.

Save the dates: upcoming events target environmental practices

It's turning out to be a green fall. Several events are coming up in the Wichita area aimed at teaching better environmental practices for businesses and neighborhoods.

Hazardous waste center recycles or reuses nearly everything it receives

Nearly every chemical in your garage, in your basement or under your sink can be recycled or reused, after you're through with it.

Rinse, recycle, repeat: making sure items don't get trashed

Couple of years ago, Roger Lyon remembered reading an article in a popular magazine saying leaving some peanut butter in the jar doesn't matter at the recycling center.

Girl Scouts troop learns small changes have big impacts on environment

The wrap around the new Girl Scout cookie package is a No. 6 plastic. An earlier version had the incorrect type of plastic.

Companies work to build a better business environment

Roger Scholfield learned he could cut waste in his business over a cup of coffee.

Wichita, you're in last place; what are you going to do about it?

This is the kind of city that gets excited about winning the NIT. It stands to reason then, that it would get riled up about being in last place as a city as it would in winning a second-tier basketball tournament.

Making Wichita streets pedestrian, bike friendly carry many benefits

I won't soon forget the woman driving the SUV flashing her lights at me while I was in the crosswalk outside the Eagle building. Her message was clear: get out of my way, I'm coming through.

Let's clear the air here with these simple steps

Something as simple as filling the gas tank in your car after dinner can help reduce air pollution.

The heat, the drought and your yard and garden

An empty tuna can could provide an answer to the battle being waged between the heat and your lawn and garden sprinkler this record-setting summer.

Those old TVs aren't as difficult to dispose of as it seems

People responded to our column on e-cycling those old electronics. But some still say they're having trouble getting rid of old televisions that seem to be cluttering attics and basements.

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