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Poets visit Wichita to launch new anthology

The poem “Celebrate This Kansas” opens the anthology “Begin Again: 150 Kansas Poems” (Woodley Press, 196 pages, $15), a selection of poems celebrating the 150th anniversary of Kansas: Celebrate this sky, this land beyond the measured time that tilts the seasonal light. Those first lines are written by Kansas poet laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, who also edits the volume. The book is a result of Mirriam-Goldberg’s 150 Kansas Poems project, a web-based collection of Kansas poems that can be found at http://150kansaspoems.wordpress.com.

Small Kansas towns struggling

Hudson is a sleepy little town buried in the heart of Stafford County. Like many rural towns in Kansas, it has already lost its school and its liquor store. Bauer's General Store, which served as a meat market, hardware store and the morning spot for locals, also has closed.

Notorious crimes have intrigued Kansans

Some crimes on Kansas soil have chilled and fascinated us — so unthinkable they draw people to the crime scenes for years.

Kansas 150 parade hoofs through town

When Kansas stepped back to finally wish itself a happy 150th birthday Saturday in Wichita, here's what it saw: Longhorn cattle clip-clopping down Main Street, Gov. Sam Brownback and Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer waving from horseback on either side of the cattle drive, and an unpredictable mix of Kansas businesses, organizations, places and marching bands pass by in an hourlong parade.

'Home on the Range' is a history of Kansas music

A concert Saturday that caps off the Kansas 150 Festival — being billed as the state’s biggest birthday bash ever — will feature dozens of performers from across the state. “Kansas: Home on the Range” is a tribute to the history, tradition, diversity and essence of Kansans, organizers say.

Gov. Brownback, Mayor Brewer will saddle up for cattle drive

The mayor of Wichita and governor of Kansas are scheduled to be on horseback Saturday as they lead a herd of longhorn cattle through the streets of Wichita.

Kansas 150 Fest finds statewide support

The sesquicentennial invitation went out to all Kansans, and they have responded.

Dreamers fuel Kansas' legacy of flight

During World War II, the popular song "Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer" told the story of an aircraft and crew struggling to come home.

Cattle drive treks 200 miles across Kansas

A 200-mile longhorn cattle drive is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Kansas' statehood and acknowledges the contribution the cattle industry has played in the state's heritage.

Parade part of fest celebrating Kansas' 150th anniversary

In a year when the economy is down, budgets have been cut and Kansans are weary of a hot and dry summer, celebrating the 150th anniversary of Kansas feels hard to do.

Kansas cattle drive to mark sesquicentennial

At age 61, Jim Gray realizes he is about to take on a job traditionally held by a 20-year-old.

Struggles over rights, equality mark Kansas' history

The cries for equality began on the Kansas prairies in 1854 and rippled throughout the nation.

Today's trivia (August 22)

On a hot summer’s day in 2006, the town of Speed turned into an automotive Field of Dreams.

Abilene museum highlights Ike's achievements

ABILENE — Dwight Eisenhower's image seemed secure when he left office 50 years ago after two terms as president. He was America's bald-headed, do-nothing, genial golfing grandpa who happened to be in charge during eight years of peace and prosperity.

Kansas' 150 greatest athletes: The top 50

It really comes down to just two.

Kansas' 150 greatest athletes: Wichita has a grand history of top-flight running backs

The thing with 150 athletes over 150 years of Kansas is that this exclusive fraternity of competitive greatness doesn't make for close ties.

Wichita festival will celebrate Kansas' 150th anniversary

It looks like Kansas will have a 150th birthday party after all.

Kansas' 150 greatest athletes: A history of excellence

Not in one day over the past three months has the mental image of a golden delicious apple and juicy navel orange escaped me.

What isn't made in Kansas?

Kansas provides the world with flour, planes, beef and amusement rides. Kansas-made products include the brown paperboard used in making toilet paper tubes, refrigerated dough cans and paper party plates.

Buying and selling Kansas, one bid at a time

On hot summer days, the cries of auctioneers can be heard in almost any corner of Kansas.

Ideal of the cowboy lives on in Kansas

Sure, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado all have their mountains. Texas has its big cities and big-name ranches. But Kansas gave the Old West everything iconic that westerners hold dear.

Old West icons

The Boss of the Plains

Famous outlaws

Billy the Kid

Buffalo shaped the culture of Kansas

BARBER COUNTY — Buffalo dot the prairie like a scene from Frederic Remington's Old West.

Your guide to Kansas road trips

To celebrate 150 years of statehood, we’ve gathered into a list our favorite places that help tell our state’s story.

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